Driver's Record/Abstract

Driver's abstracts are available for 3, 5, or 10 year histories. There are 4 ways to obtain a driver's abstract.


  • Come in person to our office with Acceptable Identification. We will have you complete a Driver's Abstract Request .

  • If you cannot come in person, you may fill out a Driver's Abstract Consent , and provide it to a person who is personally known to you. They may come to our office with Acceptable Identification, and fill out a Driver's Abstract Intent . With those 2 forms together (one completed by yourself and one by them) we may release your abstract to them. Please note that we will not be able to fax it.

  • If you cannot come in person, and do not have an individual in the province to apply on your behalf, you must complete the Driver's Abstract Notarized Request . You must send this Notarized request (original) to our office, along with a notarized copy of Acceptable Identification, a per-addressed courier envelope, and a money order. We will mail you your abstract using the courier envelope you have provided.

  • If you are an employer and you need more than 10 abstracts a year, you may apply to the Data Access Unit for a PUAN number. The PUAN number will allow us to pull abstracts for your employees without presenting each employee's authorization form. It makes for less paperwork shuffle. See the website for more information: