Learners Licence

No appointment is necessary to write the Class 7 knowledge exam in order to obtain a learners licence. The minimum age requirement is 14 years old.

ID Requirements

Under The Age Of 18:

  • Parental consent: presence and ID of the mother, father or legal guardian 
  • ID for the youth: passport, birth certificate or other proof of status in Canada (permanent resident card or citizenship card)

18 Years Of Age Or Over:

  • Two pieces of ID: birth certificate, passport or status in Canada (citizen, permanent resident, work permit). Second piece of ID can be: 
    • Alberta Health Care card
  • Proof of Alberta address: click here for more information 



MON – FRI 9 – 4:30


SUNDAY: Closed


Knowledge Test

The learners exam is 30 multiple choice questions; 25 must be answered correctly in order to pass. Study books are available at the following site


Learners Licence Prep Kit (Flash Cards) are available for purchase $25.00

The charge is $17.00 each time the test is taken and it can be taken up to once per day. There is no time limit.

Class 7 Licence



Permits an operator to drive:


  • A moped

  • A motor vehicle referred to in the Class 5 category, as a learner only

  • A motorcycle, as a learner only, if the operator is at least 16   years of age


The minimum learning or licensing age is 14.


Requirements: Knowledge test and vision screening.

ID Cards

ID Cards are available for individuals who do not have a Driver's Licence. The minimum age is 12 years old. Please read the Basic Qualifications and Proof of Identification Requirements above for more information. 


Please note that they are mailed out, and take 5-10 business days to receive.